Have Vitamin C, These Fruits are The Easiest to Find.

The importance of consuming fruit for everyday

Consuming fruits is one of the important things to fulfill daily body nutrients. The content of vitamins and some substances contained in the fruit is very beneficial to maintain and improve health and prevent the body from being attacked from various diseases. For that, Mimin want to give information what Aja ya content and benefits that are in this fruit, let’s see the explanation:

  1. Apple

Fruit that has red and green skin is apparently has a content that is certainly beneficial to the body loh. Ranging from fiber, antioxidant, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Various content is certainly also has a variety of benefits for the body that can improve digestion, increase the body’s metabolism, can make full longer, even May prevent some chronic diseases such as the heart and some other diseases.

  1. Mango

Fruit that has a sweet flavor and a variety of this type, apparently has a very high fiber content so that it can smooth the body’s digestion. In addition, the fruit has vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant content that can increase endurance and prevent some chronic diseases.

  1. Guava

The fruit is famous for its many seeds, it has a myriad of content that is very beneficial to the body of Loh. According to a study, in this fruit there is a substance that can stimulate the production of platelets in the body that is useful to restore endurance especially when infected with dengue fever. This fruit also contains very high vitamin C that can meet the daily needs of the body. In addition, the content of fiber, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A, and various other good content that can decrease the probability of chronic diseases.

  1. Orange

The fruit that has orange and fragrant skin is very famous with the rich content of vitamin C which is very useful to maintain the health of your eyes, protecting the skin cells from damage and help the digestive system better. Then the content of what is not more than vitamin C contained in this fruit? It turns out that this fruit also has a flavonoids content that can control blood pressure also loh guys.

  1. Pineapple

Fruit that has a refreshing flavor is found to have vitamin C that can fulfill the daily needs of the body. Pineapple also contains anti-inflammatory substances that can avoid the body from infections as well as bromelain substances that can help absorb proteins and prevent the body from some of the risks of chronic diseases such as cancer and tumors.

Well that’s him some fruits that have content as well as excellent benefits to the body. You can also satisfy your body nutrients in a more cool and practical way to consume fruits with sunkist juice drink to accompany all your activities. Check other IU products at www.iu.co.id.