5 Myths and Facts in Fruits

There are some facts and myths about fruits that we often hear. Starting from guava that makes the appendectomy, eating the fruit should not be when the stomach is empty and so on. Therefore, let us refer to the following where the myth and the facts are in the fruits.

  1. Eating guava can create appendicitis

Our society believes once that eating a whole guava can make the appendix because the seeds of the guava will accumulate in the intestines. In fact, however, any food including guava chewed by mouth will be destroyed by digestive enzymes, and appendectomy can occur with many other factors.

2. Eating pineapple can make a miscarriage

The next myth often believed by society is that pineapple fruit can make a miscarriage because in the pineapple there are brolemain content guys. In fact, the content of brolemain in pineapple is not at all high until it can cause a miscarriage loh.

3. Strawberry fruit should be washed first before saving

This myth is mistaken ya guys. Strawberry fruit should be stored in a dry state because the strawberry fruit has pores that can absorb water so that it will make it moist when stored. Well, therefore wash the strawberry fruit if you want in consumption Yes guys!

4. It is not permissible to consume citrus fruits in the morning.

In fact, you can aja Loh guys consume citrus fruit in the morning and preferably when you have breakfast yes. Because citrus fruits contain acids and fibers that when consumed before breakfast especially excessive can trigger stomach cramps and diarrhea.

5. Accidentally swallowing apple seeds will cause death?

Many of the people who are afraid if they accidentally consume the fruit along with the seeds, one apple. Myths that circulate that if accidentally consume Apple fruit with seeds will cause death because it contains cyanide inside, really? In fact, the seeds of apples contain a very small cyanide. So, when you accidentally consume apples along with the seeds do not have to worry ya guys.

That’s him some myths and facts in fruits. Now you’ve been told which is the fact and just a myth. Well, you can get a SUNKIST JUICE DRINK with various flavors of natural fruits that are practical and able to climb your mood! You can buy SUNKIST JUICE DRINK in your beloved Supermarket ya guys. Check out our other products at https://www.tokopedia.com/iuofficialstore and on our website www.iu.co.id.