5 Easy Things to Improve Your Mood in The Office

The solid daily activities that are carried out continuously over a long period of time will certainly make a person saturated. Most of the time, this saturation is experienced by the office employees who have long worked. Saturation in work is a very natural thing. Nevertheless, do not quickly complain especially until it decides to resign ya. Because there are really many things you can do when you feel the saturation in the office. Here are the 5 easy things you can do to raise your mood in the office:

1. Listening to music

Listening to music is usually the most major thing that employees do to charge their energy again. According to Cornell University researcher, apparently listening to music not only eliminates saturation but can increase productivity also loh. In order to avoid boredom, you try to listen to various genres such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, RnB and others.

2. Short break

Working 5 days a week with long working hours doesn’t mean you have to keep sitting before your gadget. You can take a break for a while, taking a short stroll, seeing the outside scenery behind the glass of your space, picking up a drink or just having a little bit with friends in the office. Take advantage of this opportunity to raise your mood.

3. Make Over Kubikel

It does not hurt to decorate the cubicle where you work. Surely it would be nice if the place almost every day you go to become more fresh and not monotonous. Start decorating with stationery based on your favorite colors, add photos of your family who are your devotions, and do not forget to always get your kubikelu back home.

4. Planning a Vacation

If you are very saturated with your work there is no harm to planning a vacation to refresh your brain and body. You can plan short or long term holidays (holiday). It is undeniable that planning a vacation is fun and can raise the spirit of work. Well, for those of you who are planning a holiday should read the previous article IU previously about the “Tips vacation ala IU”.

5. Ready to prepare snacks and drinks that help raise your mood

Nyemil at the office make Fat Tau min! Ehh in the past not hurt your Loh milk in the office of your snacks nutritious and healthy. Because milk can also improve the mood of your work. Well you can get good snacks, healthy and make your mood well in www.IU.co.id lohh.

Now already know what you can do when the saturation in the office? Try the things above, let your mood work up again and the spirit continues. Oh Yes, the products of IU you can get also on https://www.tokopedia.com/iuofficialstore.


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