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PT Inasentra Unisatya

PT Inasentra Unisatya is one of the companies under the Kapal Api Group that has the best expertise in the candy industry. As a company that has been established since 1978, we have produced many superior products with various uniqueness, for example we can produce chewy candies and gummy jelly that have been certified Vegan and have been lab tested in Taiwan. As a candy company, we also have chewy candy and Gummy Jelly products that are well known to the public, namely, Pindy Mint, Sunkist (licensed from Sunkist growers from California), and Dreamy. In addition to these types, we can also produce types of Hard Candy. After nearly four decades of existence, we have become one of the candy maklon companies that provide candy-making services with the Customer Brand itself or what we often call OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture). This OEM process starts from the formula development process, Trial Production, packaging to delivery to your location. There are already several companies that have collaborated with us including Kalbe Farma, Kalbe Internasional, Saka Farma and others. Our reach is also very wide, ranging from local to international, including those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and others. Not only that, our products have also been exported to various countries including Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, North Korea and others.Equipped with adequate development and production facilities and certified Halal, IS0 9001: 2015, vegan and HACCP, we are ready to help you to develop products according to your wishes. For more detailed information regarding the Maklon / OEM process, please contact us.

To be the best and most trusted tolling company in producing innovative candy products.
  • Providing the best quality, speed and service.
  • Produce innovative products that are guaranteed food safety in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Developing highly competitive human resources