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Sunkist Mango

Vitamin C is a must to consume daily, as it has an important role in warding off the body from various diseases. Fulfil your Vitamin C daily need with Sunkist Mango.

Variant :

Shelf Life :
12 Months

Content/Carton :
12 Pcs X 200 ml (TBA 200 ml), 12 Pcs X 1000 ml (TBA 1000ml)

Carton Measurement :
258 X 207 X 125 ml (TBA 200 ml), 371 X 198 X 202 mm (TBA 1000 ml)

Container Load 20’FCL :
3.150 cartons (TBA 200 ml), 1.500 cartons (TBA 1000ml)