Tips on Travelling ala IU

It is undeniable that travelling does have a lot of benefits for both tourists, tourist destinations and parties involved. Especially today, Travelling is one of the lifestyle trends that must be done after doing other important daily activities. In addition, there are more and more choices of natural and artificial tourism destinations for tourists, so that tourists can tailor a selection of tourist destinations with their needs.

Travelling alone in the sense of Bahasa Indonesia is a journey; Travel. Therefore, to do Travelling, you need to prepare many things from accommodation, eating, and lodging as well as other small things that will all fall into cost or budget. Well, before you go we should read NIH tips from Mimin so that travelling you cheap and comfortable:

1.       Determine your destination and how long your vacation

Tourist destination is the main thing you decide when you want to travel? In addition, you need to think about what transportation you will use to get to your destination destination. Don’t forget, make sure how long you spend your traveller time!

2.      Choose accommodation

Determining lodging is the second thing you must think guys, especially if you are planning to travel for a few days, surely you will need a place to sleep. You can choose many places to stay, from hotels, hostels, and even the other trend of capsule hotels. Well, according to Mimin really suitable for you who need an alternative peenginapan comfortable but with low budget price.

3.       Set food

Besides you need to sleep, you need to eat also dong ya kan? Before you get to travelling you can see how much it is about budget for you to eat during your travelling. Especially, if you are travelling overseas. In addition, for those who are Muslim can also tablets, search for a place where halal food there or ask temen you’ve already been travelling to your destination destination. Is it sure to make it go there?

4.       Prepare for Budget and savings from now on

Well, this is the last but most important thing. You have to prepare your budget, mimin Kasih tau ya so that your budget can be pressed not hurt Loh you prepare your traveller from the far-away day. Many of the advantages you will get, you can find and earn deals for transportation and lodging. In addition, you can also join your traveller. Surely the sooner you start the faster the total accumulated.

Tips on travelling ala IU from Mimin, hopefully help you who want to travelling ya! Oh Yes, Mimin gag also do not forget to bring some snacks that are practical and healthy for your traveling friends, such as Mony Oats, Sunkist, gingerly and other products that you can clay on


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